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Charles of Paris - Interior Jewelry since 1908

Among our many stops in Paris (Maison Objet 2017) we had the pleasure of joining Michael Wagner (CEO of Charles of Paris) on a dinner cruise along the Seine. Days later we joined Michael for a personal tour of the Charles workshop, just outside of Paris in Saint-Denis.  The passion for great furniture and lighting radiates off of Michael and his team. 


Since 1908, Charles of Paris has produced the finest cast bronze, reproduction lamps. In 1960 the company transformed lighting into what they coin the “Charles Style”: A blend of classicism, precision, and contemporary touches. Furniture was introduced to the collection with many being featured in the homes of cinemas James Bond villains. Michael points out that it is the villains who own Charles of Paris because they have the money to do so.



We took our hand at adding ornamentation to bronze samples under the guidance of our master craftsman (Denis) however; this skill takes years of practice and patience. Better to leave this to the hands of the talent found at Charles of Paris!