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25 years

I never could have imagined what the future held in store for me as an interior designer when I moved to Atlanta from London in 1992. My options seemed limited: Work for another or take the plunge and start my own firm.  Atlanta was anticipating the 1996 Olympic Games with much enthusiasm, so I thought, why not?  I opened Bill Musso Designs in the spring of 1993 and have no regrets.

Within weeks of my arrival, I had a chance meeting with a former vendor from New York and she pushed a few leads my way. Within a few months I had the need for an assistant and a dedicated work space. 

Building a design firm in any city is hard.  And my classic contemporary aesthetic was clearly at odds with Atlanta‚Äôs very traditional design approach in the early 90s.  With time, patience, and the support from loyal colleagues and clients who understood and appreciated a cleaner look found us. 

After getting published in local and national magazines, participating in showhouses, judging competitions, and leading panel discussions, we began to broaden current client base even more.  Many of those initial clients are still an active part of our current work 20+ years later.

I have been able to attract and hire highly talented members of the design community.  Todd Falconbury has been an amazing and loyal colleague for 15 years. Our current team of Todd, Nick George, and Jessica Park is dynamic, cohesive, and fun. This career allows us to meet many wonderful and fascinating people. Clients, vendors, contractors, artists all play a regular part in what we do, and I feel so fortunate to know them all.

My heartfelt thanks to those who continue trust us with creating beautiful and inspired spaces for the last 25 years.

- Bill Musso -