Todd Falconbury
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Todd Falconbury

Senior designer Todd’s very early design inspiration came from countless nights in younger years coloring in books and being in charge of “ set design” when putting on plays with friends. Many years later, this early love has translated into Todd’s appreciation for using patterns and colors in large and artful ways, rather than seeing them relegated to minor accents in a room.

Todd Falconbury joined Musso Design Group in 2006 and specializes in blending historical and contemporary elements into a singular design plan. He earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from American Intercontinental University in 2004, graduating summa cum laude after spending a semester studying in London.

Todd is thrilled to see more people opening up to the idea of bold wallpaper patterns with strong colors. Yet Todd (a man who never leaves the house without a belt and his watch) never loses sight of the seemingly small details, from his passion for pillows to a belief that the scent of a fine candle can greatly impact the mood of a room. Meanwhile, his passion for travel—Mexico, Haiti, Spain, England, Italy, and across the United States—always helps to keep his design wheels churning.

Throughout the design process, Todd focuses on completing impactful andtransformative projects while minimizing disruption on the daily lives of clients. He keenly collaborates with the rest of the team at Musso Design Group and particularly likes seeing all of the ideas come to fruition to make a perfect new whole. Even better, he wants to see the final product photographed and finds that viewing a room or project in a photo gives it a new level of completeness.